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Silver Eagles pass halfway mark

The American Silver Eagle bullion coin has surpassed the halfway mark to beating out 2015’s record year of sales for the popular bullion coin. As of June 8, Authorized Purchasers have ordered 24,246,500 2016-dated silver Eagles. In all of 2015, the Mint sold 47,000,000 silver Eagles. Should sales in 2016 continue the way they’ve been going investors and collectors could see yet another record year for the coin.

Authorized Purchasers have begun placing orders for the Harpers Ferry America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver bullion coin. Sales amounted to 33,000 coins by June 8. Mintage limit for the coin is 120,000, though that number may change if demand warrants it.

Sales crept upwards for the unavailable 2015 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency set, possibly during a short period of returns being sold by the Mint. Collectors ordered an additional 79 sets between May 29 and June 5 for a grand total of 88,363 purchased.

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