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Silver Eagle sales near record year level

Week by week, sales of bullion silver American Eagles are nearing a new record since the United States Mint began selling the coins in 1986.

As of Nov. 11, the Mint has sold 41,938,500 silver Eagles in 2015. The current record year is 2014, where 44,006,000 silver Eagles were purchased.

From Nov. 4 to Nov. 11, Authorized Purchasers ordered a total of 1,332,500 silver Eagles. If that rate keeps up, the record will be broken in less than two weeks, provided rationing doesn’t get in the way.

The 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway 5-ounce silver collector’s coin is officially sold out after weeks of fluctuating availability. Collectors bought 17,482 coins before the sellout.

Both versions of the Harry S. Truman Presidential dollar 100-coin bag are sold out with a total of 3,467 Philadelphia bags and 3,340 Denver bags purchased by collectors.

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