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Silver Bullion Takes a Leap

The one-ounce silver Eagle sales marked an impressive gain from previous weeks, moving from 337,000 up to 1,224,000 ounces. Sticking with silver bullion, the Mint also released sales totals for the 2019 War in the Pacific Park 5-ounce bullion coin. Sales of that coin are listed at 57,000.

Other silver coins standing out this week include the Apollo 11 .999 silver dollar, which gained 3,479 week over week, climbing to 188,390. The 2019 10-coin silver proof set grew by 2,797, ending the week at 280,038. The clad proof set was the biggest increase from last week, increasing by 4,528 to 375,098.

Something we’re going to be watching over the next few months are sales of the 2019 War in the Pacific coins. They released after the American Memorial Park coins, but sales are increasing at a rate that indicates they will exceed those of the previous. Could it be the design?The Mint has been putting more and more emphasis into the importance of good coin design.Time will tell.

New to this week’s Mint Statistics is the 2019 Native American Coin and Currency Set, which released on July 24.First week sales have registered at 24,816.The mintage limit is 50,000, so in just a week, it is half sold out.