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Mint Statistics: Sales numbers sometimes seem a bit odd

If you are watching 2017 America the Beautiful five-coin silver proof sets, you will notice something odd. This week’s total of 50,024 is 3,535 fewer than last week’s figure. In percentage terms, that’s quite a large adjustment. Could there have been that many returns?

Another oddity is the sales numbers for the Boys Town $5 gold commemorative coins. The uncirculated continues to outsell the proof. Normally, the proof outsells uncirculateds by 2 to 1 or 3 to 1. However, the likely cause is the availability of the proof gold $5 in the three-coin set. That could be depressing individual proof gold $5 sales.

If you are watching the Mint’s website, you might have seen the message that the Lions $1 proof coin is on backorder. That seems a bit strange when only 53,666 have been sold so far.

Sales of individual proof 2016 silver American Eagle coins finally passed 550,000. Next week I will begin reporting sales numbers for the 2017 coin.


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