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Mint Statistics: Sales Begin for Quarter, Dollar and Medal

2022 Maya Angelou quarter. (Image courtesy United States Mint.)

2022 Maya Angelou quarter. (Image courtesy United States Mint.)

After a fairly long dry spell, we have several new releases to take a look at this week, the first of which being the much-anticipated American Women quarter featuring Maya Angelou. This report covers just shy of two weeks of sales for bags and rolls.

100-coin bags of the “P-” and “D-”mintmarked quarters each garnered 1,840 in sales. The set containing one “P” quarter roll and one “D” roll totaled 5,927. A three-roll set of “P,” “D” and “S” rolls brought in a hearty 7,582. No doubt we will continue to see these numbers steadily rise.

The 2022 Native American dollar honoring Ely S. Parker is now available. After 11 days of sales, we see a total of 22,681 for the 25-coin roll, 3,400 for the $100 bag, and 3,207 for the $250 box.

And finally, we have the addition of the silver Presidential medal honoring James. K. Polk. It has sold 12,220 after just under a week of availability.

The big news in bullion American Eagles is that, since our last report, the silver version is up by 1 million for the month of February, and platinum Eagles are on the board for the first time this year with a month total of 25,800.