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Ronald, Nancy Reagan coins arrive

Just like the 1984 presidential election, the Reagans are back in by a landslide. The United States Mint opened sales for the Ronald Reagan Presidential dollar and the Nancy Reagan First Spouse gold coin on July 1. As of July 4, over 2.7 million Reagan dollars went out to collectors. At the same time, 792 uncirculated and 1,428 proof Reagan First Spouse coins were purchased.

On June 30, the 2016-W platinum proof Eagle went on sale with 9,810 ordered in the first hour.

The 2014-W Grace Coolidge First Spouse is sold out with 1,949 total coins collected.

July bullion sales began modestly with 5,500 one-, 2,000 quarter- and 5,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles sold by July 6. Authorized Purchasers also ordered 1,000 gold Buffaloes and 250,000 silver Eagles.

As quickly as it appeared, the Truman 100-coin Philadelphia bag is unavailable as of July 6. Six bags were shipped out between June 26 and July 3

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