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Reagan First Spouse set arrives

The Ronald and Nancy Reagan Presidential dollar and First Spouse Medal Set went on sale July 5, just four days after the release of both the Ronald Reagan Presidential dollar and the Nancy Reagan gold First Spouse coins.

As of July 10, the United States Mint reports selling 5,910 dollar and medal sets, surpassing the previously issued 2016 Nixon and Ford sets. The Nixon set stands at 5,581 sets sold while the Ford set is at 4,622 sets purchased. Likewise, the Nancy Reagan gold proof First Spouse coin is catching up to the Ford issue. As of July 10, 1,713 Reagan coins have been purchased compared to Ford’s 1,884.

Sales numbers have risen for the 2016 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency Set. From July 4-10, 1,499 sets went out to buyers for a total of 30,399 sets bought.

The 2016-W proof platinum Eagle saw a small net loss between July 4-10. The sales total dropped 192 coins to 9,618 coins sold out of a 10,000 coin mintage.

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