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Reagan, Currency set limits gone

The United States Mint has removed household order limits for the 2016-W Nancy Reagan gold First Spouse coins. Both uncirculated and proof Reagan coins had limits of one coin per finish. As of July 17, collectors ordered 1,291 uncirculated and 2,166 proof Reagan First Spouse coins of a combined 15,000 mintage limit.

Ordering limits are also gone for the 2016 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency set. Collectors were capped at purchasing up to five sets before. Sales data through July 17 shows 32,092 sets purchased out of a 75,000 set mintage.

The Harpers Ferry 3-coin set began sales July 11. Through July 17, collectors ordered 9,723 sets.

The Harpers Ferry 5-ounce silver uncirculated coin then arrived July 14 with 15,340 coins out of a 30,000 mintage bought by July 17. Although the mintage can be lowered to make more bullion versions, such an event seems unlikely given only 34,200 bullion coins of a 120,000 mintage have been sold so far.

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