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Rarities in Marketplace Point to Healthy Hobby


It appears there is an upcoming sale of a different spectacular rarity entering the market almost weekly. While most of us will never be able to afford such a coin, the idea that some incredible rarity is becoming available inspires us to continue with our own collecting within our chosen realm of interest. What the appearance of these great rarities indicates is that the overall market for coins continues to be extremely healthy. If you were to have purchased one of these headlining coins in the past for what was considered to be a high price for the time, you aren’t about to allow that coin to be offered in an auction now unless you are comfortable the coin will bring an even higher price.

The sheer number of ultra rarities appearing within the past year is a barometer for the rest of the coin market. The market for collectible coins is in an unusual position since, due to the high current value of bullion gold and silver, the price of many coins that previously had a collector premium have seen that price overtaken by their dramatic increase in intrinsic value. Some of these collectible coins have risen even higher in value, increasing in price to keep them above their “melt.”

There is still a sharp divide between individuals seeking bullion coins and those buyers seeking collectible coins that are now selling pegged to these unusually high bullion values. One of the things feeding the collectible coin market is bullion buyers who first got their feet wet buying business strike American Eagles and related pieces, then graduating to taking an interest in coins from the view of a collector rather than of a speculator.