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Quarter, tenth bullion gold Eagles gone

The United States Mint is beginning to sell out of 2015 bullion coins. On Nov. 13, the Mint reported it had run out of quarter-ounce gold Eagles. Sales of the coin in November amounted to 12,000 coins with a total of 158,000 sold in 2015.

On Nov. 17, the Mint then reported Authorized Purchasers had ordered the last of the tenth-ounce gold Eagle bullion coins. The total sold in November stands at 100,000 with a grand total of 980,000 purchased throughout the year. Asterisks appear next to the coins on the year’s bullion sales totals, but not on the monthly chart.

Both the one and half-ounce bullion gold Eagles as well as the bullion gold Buffalo remain on sale. The bullion platinum Eagle has yet to make an appearance in 2015.

Meanwhile, the bullion silver Eagle is still on sale, but on a rationed basis. Between Nov. 11 and Nov. 18, the Mint sold 942,000 silver Eagles, bringing the total sold in November to 3,038,000 and the 2015 sales total to 42,880,500, only 1,125,500 coins away from tying 2014’s record total.

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