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Proof Sets See Collector Demand

Since our last Mint Statistics report, the Mint’s America the Beautiful products honoring the Weir Farm National Historic Site have been tallied.

You will see a Weir Farm entry included in the America the Beautiful 5-Ounce Coins chart on this page and in the Bags and Rolls section where sales totals are recorded for 100-coin bags, two-roll set for Philadelphia and Denver, San Francisco rolls, and the P, D, S rolls set.

Proof Sets are the name of the sales game this week. The overall top seller was once again the 2020 10-coin Silver Proof Set. With a week-over-week gain of 3,339, it currently sits at a total of 213,558 sold.

Not too far behind was the 2020 10-coin clad Silver Proof Set. Its overall sales total of 265,097 saw a weekly increase of 2,754.

The next two most popular items were American Innovation products from prior years. The 2019 $1 (S) Proof Set came in at a total of 97,209 overall. The same product from a year before that, the 2018 American Innovation $1 (S) Proof Set, totaled 212,460.

Rounding out the top five best-sellers was the 2019 10-coin Silver Proof Set. It jumped607 for a total of 399,366.