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Proof sets heat up, Pres. dollars steady

Proof sets seem to be up, up and away this week.

Proof sets seem to be up, up and away this week. Sales of the 2009 18-coin clad set are up by nearly 107,000, 2009 six-quarter silver sets are up 6,173, six-quarter sets are up 6,275 and four-coin presidential sets are up 4,433.


Presidential dollars, on the other hand, remained steady. In 25-coin rolls, Van Buren increased by 191, Jackson and Jefferson increased 150 and 151 respectively, Adams gained 108, Madison 105 and Monroe made an even 100. The drastically less popular 250-coin bags increased by four or less for all of the presidents.

Lincoln cent Formative Years two-roll sets are looking up this week. They increased by 8,704 compared with last week’s rise of 7,912.

Gold Eagle bullion coins seem to be slowing down; up only 20,000 this week, compared with 25,500 last week. Silver Eagles are down as well, only 175,000 this week, where last week was up 425,000.

The Loius Braille silver $1 has picked up slightly since last week. The increase is 1,424 over last week’s 1,354 proof coins and 452 over last week’s 378 uncirculated. However, the Easy-Open Capsule increased less than last week, at 102 compared to 191.

First Spouse gold coins have remained slow, but in general, they did gain slightly more than last week.