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Present prices present opportunities

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If you are a coin dealer, you’ve taken your lumps over the past two years. Bullion gold and silver prices have remained relatively flat. Despite this being good news for consumers, few buyers looked at this scenario as being a buy low, sell high opportunity. The continuing flatlined price of precious metals impacted the sales of everything from American Eagles to common date, common condition 19th and 20th century precious metal content coins.

Third-party certified coins didn’t fare well, with the values of a majority declining due to weak demand. There were exceptions, these for the most part being major rarities or condition rarity coins, but there was no trend in this direction. It has been suggested “grade-flation” might be a factor, in which case there would be more supply than there is demand for certified coins in these conditions. There is market uncertainty due to a management change at Professional Coin Grading Service as well.

Morgan silver dollars, a longtime coin market indicator, continue to experience overall price declines. Don’t interpret this as doom and gloom – the outcome of all this should be a buy low now, sell high later situation. Get out there and buy.

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