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Platinum Eagle cutoff meets apathy

Despite an announcement from the Mint Sept. 8 that it would end sales of the 2014 platinum American Eagle bullion coin on Oct. 1, buyers only purchased 200 coins since the announcement.

Gold Eagles saw a boost in sales, with 28,500 taken by Sept. 16, an increase of 13,000 since the Sept. 9 report. Silver Eagles also saw a nice increase as another 880,000 were vended in the same period.

Sales for the gold Kennedy half dollar continue to slip as there was a total loss of 543 in a week, bringing the total to 63,927 as of Sept. 14.

Buyers began taking the 2014 Annual Uncirculated $1 Coin Set Sept. 8. Up to Sept. 14, buyers purchased 12,876 sets.

Also released was the Great Sand Dunes 3-Coin Set on Sept. 9. Buyers ordered 8,941 sets up to Sept. 14.

Lastly, released on Sept. 10 was the Franklin D. Roosevelt First Day Coin Cover. Sales are at 9,842 as of Sept. 14.

Sold out were both Philadelphia and Denver 100-coin bags of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential dollar. Released on Aug. 28, buyers purchased 1,989 Philadelphia and 1,981 Denver bags.

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