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Palladium Takes a Plunge

I had to look twice and then again to make sure I didn’t make a blunder last week.Thankfully, it wasn’t my tired old eyes!Last week, our Mint Stats showed 16,690 sold of the 2019-W proof palladium Eagle and this week, the Mint released the updated numbers and instead of growing, that number decreased to 13,319 – a change of 3,371 or a 20% downward adjustment.That’s quite a reconciliation!

Silver bullion Eagles also saw a decrease, moving from 711,000 down to 686,000 in sales of the one-ounce coin. Now, the 2019-S proof silver collector Eagle didn’t see the same fate, as it increased by 3,289 from last week’s report. The 2019-W proof silver Eagle increased comparably, adding 3,671 to its number, now at 306,317.

Initial sales have been added for the 2019 American Innovation dollar, showing 6,854 of the 25-count rolls and 3,595 of the $100 bag option.

The latest offering of the American Legion commemorative coins that are paired with the anniversary emblem prints has also been added in the American Legion Coins section. The proof silver dollar option is the most popular at 1,297, followed by the clad dollar option at 650 and the $5 gold coin option at 130.

Another point of interest is the 2019 uncirculated coin set. With this week’s report and an increase of 2,483 units since last week, it has surpassed sales of the 2018 uncirculated coin set.2019 overall is at 254105, while 2018 is at 252,969.Sales also continue to grow on the 2019 10-coin proof sets, as seen on the next page.