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No gold Eagle, Buffalo sales Oct. 21 to 28

The United States Mint reports selling no gold Eagle or Buffalo bullion coins from Oct. 21 to 28. Have bullion investors gotten cold feet? Perhaps. Buyers have taken just 40,500 silver American Eagles during that time period. Usually the Mint can’t keep up with demand.

The Presidential dollar 4-coin sets featuring circulation quality dollar coins from Philadelphia and Denver went on sale Oct. 22. Collectors ordered 3,378 Philadelphia and 3,112 Denver sets as of Oct. 25.

Sales of the Kennedy Coin and Chronicles set have drifted back up from 49,171 sets reported sold on Oct. 18 to 49,226 by Oct. 26. Returns due to the lack of profit on the secondary market brought the sales total downward since first selling out, prompting the Mint to resume sales on occasion.

The U.S. Marshal silver proof dollar coin broke the 100,000 coins sold mark with 101,223 coins purchased by Oct. 25.

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