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Nixon First Spouse gold coin arrives

The 2016 Patricia Nixon First Spouse gold coin began sales Feb. 18. The United State Mint reports 686 uncirculated and 1,159 proof coins were purchased by collectors from release to Feb. 21. It is the first of three issues for the series’ final year.

Another new release is the 2016 Presidential dollar proof set, which came out Feb. 16. As of Feb. 21, 124,420 sets were shipped.

Sales continue to be brisk for the Shawnee 5-ounce silver bullion coin. Authorized Purchasers bought an additional 27,500 coins since Feb. 17, bringing the total to 102,500 sold.

The Kistachie 5-ounce silver collector’s uncirculated coin is listed as currently unavailable and may be on its way to sellout status. The Mint reports 19,451 coins went out to buyers since its release.

The Mark Twain silver dollars are showing continued strong sales with 4,998 proof and 1,455 uncirculated coins ordered between Feb. 14 and Feb. 21.

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