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Mint Statistics: Newly Designed Eagle Sales Commence

Big news in Mint product sales this week. The latest report includes numbers for the 2021 American Eagle proof coins with the new designs.

You’ll find initial sales numbers for the new “W” proof silver Eagle in the Collector Eagle Sales chart below. It saw a sellout upon release. The reported total, through Aug. 4, sits at 298,740. It’s total mintage is 300,000.

Image courtesy United States Mint.

Image courtesy United States Mint.

A new section in this chart, titled “2021 Proof Gold: New Design,” lists sales totals for the 1-, 1/2-, 1/4- and 1/10-ounce gold American Eagles with the new design. Also listed is the four-coin set that contains one of each of the gold coins. We will surely see these totals rise in the next sales report since all are listed as unavailable on the Mint’s website, indicating they are sold out.

While not quite as exciting, it’s worth noting that a new American Innovation dollar has been added this week. Bags and rolls of the dollar honoring the state of Virginia went on sale July 27. First week of sales are healthy, with total bag and roll sales for both the “P” and “D” versions nearly reaching those of the previously issued 2021 coin honoring New Hampshire.

Just a few days into the month we see that August sales numbers for 1-ounce and 1/10-ounce bullion gold and 1-ounce bullion silver Eagle sales have been posted. There is no doubt, precious metals are hot.