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Mint Statistics: Negro Leagues Baseball Coins Kick Off 2022

Negro Leagues Baseball coins. (Image courtesy United States Mint.)

Negro Leagues Baseball coins. (Image courtesy United States Mint.)

The calendar has flipped to 2022, and U.S. Mint products have come out of the gate strong in the new year. The full range of 2022 Negro Leagues Baseball commemorative coins became available for pre-order on Jan. 6.

You will see the new chart added below. The reported numbers reflect just four days of sales. It’s clear that the silver dollar carrying the “100” privy mark was the first to catch collectors’ eye. It has sold out of its 20,000-piece mintage. Another popular option is proving to be the proof version of the clad half dollar with a total nearing 9,000. Close behind is the proof silver dollar at just over 8,300. The two more expensive options, the gold $5 proof and uncirculated coins, have posted the lowest sales totals thus far.

The start of the year marks a new cycle of bullion sales, and things are off to a strong start. Silver bullion Eagles have already crossed the 3.5 million mark, while all sizes of gold bullion Eagles are on the board with decent totals. In all, 333,500 of the gold Eagles have been sold. One-ounce proof Buffalo bullion sales have reached 42,000 so far.

Up next for Mint releases are bags and rolls of the Maya Angelou quarter on Feb. 7. Two days later on Feb. 9, rolls, bags and boxes of the 2022 Native American dollar become available. Things are heating up!