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More Arches National Park products released

The United States Mint has released more Arches National Park products over the past week. Buyers purchased 21,301 Arches 5-ounce silver collector coins in the first five days of sales. Total mintage for the coin is 30,000.

Also released were the rolls and bags of uncirculated Arches National Park quarters. Collectors bought 5,893 of the 100-coin bags combined from the three mints, 7,399 of the P+D two-roll sets, 2,656 of the San Francisco rolls, and 5,957 of the three-roll sets for the three mints.

Gold bullion Buffaloes saw good sales over the past week, selling 3,500 more coins to come to 9,000 in June so far. Projected to the end of the month, they will sell more than May sales.

Buyers were also interested in the 2014 proof gold American Eagle 1-ounce coins. They went from 10,984 to 13,324 in just one week. That’s an increase of 21 percent over the total sold so far this year.

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