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Mint's November Production Slows

The release of the U.S. Mint’s circulating coin production numbers for November 2019 shows a dramatic decrease for the month compared to October’s numbers.

Total coins produced – all denominations from both Philadelphia and Denver mints – came in at 898,380,000. This is down 642,560,000 from October’s total of 1,154,940,000.

The total number of coins produced in November, from both Philadelphia and Denver mints, was down from October’s totals in every denomination except one: quarters. October’s total quarter production was 163,600,000, while November’s quarters reached 164,400,000 – an increase of 80,000, or 0.49 percent.

Stay tuned for the release of December’s production numbers and an overview of the Mint’s 2019 production.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 10.03.29 AM