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Mint Stats: Silver bullion Eagle sales glide lower

Can you believe it? For a third month in a row, sales of silver bullion American Eagles declined. Admittedly, the decline is small, just 90,000 pieces. The Mint sold 1,280,000 coins in August to its Authorized Purchasers, compared to 1,370,000 in July.

On the other hand, gold is showing great verve and zip. Sales of 50,000 one-ounce American Eagles are 67 percent higher than the 30,000 recorded in the month of July. Adding all four sizes together, the total number of gold ounces sold in August was 58,500, up 52 percent from the 38,500 ounces sold in July. There was less excitement with gold Buffalo bullion coins. Sales in August declined 10 percent to 9,000 pieces.

Liberty medal sales figures appear below. The Mint has a cushion of roughly 280 from each of the two minting facilities to work with. Those numbers might increase due to cancellations.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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