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Mint Stats: Silver bullion Eagle coins get the blahs

The election is over. Is demand for bullion coins over, too? November sales numbers have not had a strong start, particularly for silver bullion American Eagles. What’s with just 370,000 so far in November? But then looking at the total for the year of less than 35 million, you know there is no chance to equal last year’s figure of 47 million. Silver bullion coins are losing their zip.

An accounting correction perhaps, but the number of silver five-ounce Theodore Roosevelt collector versions seem to have dropped by 1,259 coins to 17,559. Was there a big return?

On the other hand, sales of the proof collector version of the 2016 gold Eagle came in very strong, up 1,439 to 19,845. The four-coin set registered a gain of 674 to 14,164. The other sizes moved by much smaller amounts.

Speaking of small amounts, the Reagan Coin and Chronicles set is indeed slowing down. This week’s increase was just 2,165 to 34,372.


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