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Mint Stats: Sales Reporting Back on Track

In these days of COVID-19 where so many things feel uncertain, we welcome back a bit of consistency: U.S. Mint sales totals are now being updated on a regular weekly schedule. This comes after several months of sporadic, if not totally absent, updates to the figures on the Mint’s website.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to compile all the updates, making item additions and subtractions as we go. Of course, the most notable change is the addition of 2020-dated products. We’ve updated 2019 totals where applicable.

Under the America the Beautiful category, 2016 and 2017 circulating and uncirculated coin sets have been removed to make room for the Frank River of No Return Wilderness and American Samoa National Park three-coin sets. You will also find new entries for these park sites in ATB 5-Ounce Coins and in the Bags and Rolls section.

Also new in Bags and Rolls are 2020 Native American dollars and the 2019 American Innovation dollars honoring New Jersey and Georgia.

Proof Gold listings are now reflective of 2020, as are entries added to the Collector Eagle Sales listings.

In Sets and Singles, a new section has been added for 2020 proof sets. You’ll see listings for American Innovation reverse proof dollars as well as for the Birth, Happy Birthday and Congratulations sets.