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Mint Stats: Low numbers everywhere you look

Perhaps silver bullion coin buyers do go on vacation. Sales of the one-ounce silver American Eagles hardly budged. They were up by 150,000 in the last week to reach 1,345,000. With just a couple of days of possible sales left, July looks like it will be the lowest sales month of 2016. Next week the final figures will be in.

For gold American Eagle bullion coin buyers there seemed to be more action, at least in percentage terms. The one-ounce coin tally increased by 6,000 to 26,000. However, it too could be the lowest sales month of the year, behind the March figure of 29,000. We’ll see.

True collector coins like commemoratives are also just creeping ahead slowly. Collectors took 309 more Mark Twain proof silver dollars and 58 uncirculateds. Total sales stand at 67,687 and 23,652, respectively. For Twain gold, buyers took 21 proofs more and 2 uncirculateds.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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