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Mint Stats: Buyers snooze except for gold Eagles

Europeans take the month of August for vacation. Perhaps silver bullion American Eagle buyers do something similar. Sales in the first half of the month have reached only 380,000 pieces, down substantially from even July’s torpid pace. On the other hand, gold one-ounce American Eagle bullion buyers have taken almost as many pieces as they did in the entire month of July. Since when does gold outperform the collector favorite, silver?


Collectors are just nibbling on the coins currently available from the Mint. Perhaps they are saving their money for the big offerings in September, which include the gold Standing Liberty quarter and the 30th anniversary proof silver American Eagle.

The accountants continue to jiggle the gold Mercury dime sales total. It increased by six from the figure published two weeks ago. Mint Statistics took a week off last week. Sorry if it inconvenienced you.

Sales of proof gold one-ounce Eagles are just 20 percent of the proofs, 5,385 compared to 27,657 (individual plus sets).


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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