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Mint Stats: Bullion coin sales keep pace with 2016

Bullion is moving this week. It is about the only thing that is. Looking at the other sales numbers might put you to sleep. Bullion coin buyers padded the monthly silver American Eagle numbers by 825,000. This puts demand fulfillment on pace to reach six million before the month ends. This would virtually match January 2016 at 5,954,500 and be not far ahead of January 2015’s 5,530,000.

For gold, the one-ounce piece added 11,000 coins, the quarter ounce 2,000 coins and the tenth ounce 5,000 coins. No half-ounce Eagles were sold in the latest reporting period.

These numbers mean that January gold Eagle sales could fall short of the January 2016 figures, or exceed them. Either outcome is definitely in play.

As the last 2015 proof coin set figures are tallied, we will leave them in place. But soon they must vacate to make room for 2017 numbers. So far, only the 2017 five-quarter proof set is available. Sales stand at 37,677.


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