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Mint Stats: 2014 Mint products off to good start

Ah, 2013, you are but a mere memory to many coin collectors.

Ah, 2013, you are but a mere memory to many coin collectors.

Kennedy Half Dollar Bag

The 2014 U.S. Mint products are off to a good start, with 2014 Kennedy half rolls and bags joining the sales list this week, along with Great Smoky Mountains quarters three-coin set.

We can expect interest in the Kennedy halves since this is the 50th anniversary of the coin’s debut in 1964. In less than a week on the market, collectors bought 9,584 of the 2014 two-roll sets (one roll each from Denver and Philadelphia) and 2,982 200-coin bags that contain 100 coins from each of the mints.

The Smoky Mountain National Park quarter three-coin set got off to a respectable start with sales of 9,578, just about the same level as opening sales for the Mount Rushmore and Fort McHenry sets.

The 2014 Warren G. Harding products saw second-week sales of 25-count rolls climb from initial sales of 50,561 to 55,565, with $100 bags numbering 2,023, up from 1,794 the previous week and $250 boxes sales up more than 3,000 to 7,235.

U.S. Coin Statistics

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