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Mint Statistics: Totals show zero interest in bullion

Nobody voted for gold or silver American Eagle bullion coins on election day. Zero have been sold so far in the month of November. No Buffalo gold bullion coins were sold, either.

Fortunately for the Mint, sales of collector coins were a bit higher than zero. But if you are looking at the proof 2018 gold Eagles, the numbers are not that much higher. In the past week, buyers took 81 one-ounce coins, 8 half-ounce, 68 quarter-ounce, and 215 tenth-ounce. For the four-coin gold proof set, the increase was 35.

There was nothing to write home about for the 2018-S Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Sales rose by 1,909 to 32,874. Maximum is 50,000.

Rising by 7,925 was the clad 2018 proof set figure. It stands at 396,283. The silver proof set was up by 3,909 to 258,174.

The proof 2018-S silver Eagle moved ahead by 2,281 to 141,140. The proof 2018-W total is 318,539.


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