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Mint Statistics: I should have taken a week’s vacation

Did I forget to input new bullion coin sales numbers this week? You might think so. Not a single additional American Eagle, gold Buffalo or 5-ounce silver piece has been sold since I prepared this section last week. You’d think it was the dog days of August.

MintStats0515 FB

There is some proof of life among the sales totals here and there.

On the negative side, sales of the 2018 proof silver American Eagle collector coin dropped by 4,084. Did a buyer get cold feet when silver dropped by half a buck since last week? Perhaps. But even clad half dollar numbers went backwards. The 2018 200-coin bag of “P” and “D” coins fell by 682. The two-roll set dropped by 785. Can’t blame silver for those.

World War I coin and medal sets all dropped again this week. This pattern is getting monotonous. Individual WWI silver dollar sales rose.

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