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Mint Statistics: Steady buyers push up sales totals

Who are the steady buyers of clad 2018 proof sets? This week’s sales of 7,208 is a similar number to last week. The running total for the year is 355,245. In 10 year’s time, will they complain that the price has gone down, or have they simply tuned out the secondary market and reliably add a set to their collection each and every year? The Mint needs to put a high value on steady customers.

The silver 2018 proof set was up by 4,000 to 231,322. Uncirculated coin set buyers took 5,871 to bring the running total to 186,122.

Buyers of proof silver Eagles this week don’t look like they distinguish between the recently available “S” compared to the “W,” which has been sold since January.

The “S” is up by 2,409 to 128,010, while the “W” is up by 2,536 to 311,093. Can it be that collectors no longer care about getting the complete set?


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