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Mint Statistics: Spring releases moving at a slow pace

Spring has finally sprung at the Numismatic News office in Stevens Point, Wis. However, Mint sales numbers are not springing.

American Legion coins are moving at a relatively slow pace, with the $5 coin sale increasing just 147 from last week. Silver dollars grew the most, adding 2,248. Half dollars increased 1,342, and the three-coin proof set grew by 286. There’s a long way to go to get even close to the maximum mintage numbers on these coins.

New to this week’s report is the 2019 America the Beautiful uncirculated coin set, with initial sales of 16,218. The Mint also reported on sales of the new 2019 Explore and Discover Set, showing 8,468 sold, quite a far distance from sales of their Rocketship set at 49,089.

The biggest increase this week was the 10-coin clad proof set, which increased by 9,831.


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