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Mint Statistics: Small gains and losses move numbers

Sales of the American Liberty tenth-ounce 2018 gold proof coin rose by 2,216 this week to reach 16,511. With a slowing rate of increase, the mintage limit of 135,000 almost seems further away.

World War I medals advanced, but not by nearly enough to sell out the possible 100,000 that were available. Among the five designs, Army outranks the others. Collectors were more interested in individual coins this week. Proof World War I dollars alone rose by 4,089 to raise its running tally to 36,730. The uncirculated commemorative dollar rose by 1,253.

If small increases don’t impress you, consider the 2018-W proof silver Eagle. Sales slid by 1,222. That’s right. Returns or accounting adjustments reduced the overall total to 243,668. The 2018-W platinum proof dropped by 199 to 9,047.

Bullion Eagles are spiced up with the addition of platinum coins below.


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