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Mint Statistics: Silver proof sets at top of buyer’s lists

When it comes to 2017 proof sets, buyers preferred the silver version this week over the clad. Sales rose by 11,131 silver sets, double the 5,541 clad gain. However, overall clad proof set sales are handsomely ahead for the year, 357,619 to 235,430.

In terms of bullion coins, interest in silver Eagles was not strong. Sales rose by just 50,000 to reach 75,000 at roughly the mid-point of the month. If sales don’t pick up, September could end up being the worst sales month so far this year.

Gold Eagle sales are also slow. They increased by 2,000 to bring the ongoing monthly total to 4,000 – not much to show for half a month.

But there’s more. Not a single gold Buffalo was sold this week or in the month of September.

The Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set managed a gain, albeit a small one, of 1,390. This brings the running tally to 191,206 of a possible 225,000.


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