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Mint Statistics: Silver Proof Sets Continue to Climb

A flagship product of the United States Mint, the annual silver proof set came out strong, selling 191,670 in just the first five days.Since we reported that number last week, the total has grown to 208,526, adding 16,856. The 2018 silver proof set currently sits at 320,215.It will be interesting to watch and see how this year’s set paces with the previous.

The 2019 clad proof set saw an increase of 4,991.The five-quarter ATB proof sets each increased by around 500. 

The 2019-W proof silver Eagle added 2,143.

Bullion coins took a leap this week, with the one-ounce silver finally moving from 550,000 to 1,196,000.Gold one-ounce increase by 1,000 while platinum doubled from 3,000 to 6,500.

And with the excitement from last week’s Great American Coin Hunt and its mission to attract new collectors, it’s nice to see the 2019 Explore and Discover set inching up another 1,379.Total sales there are now at 19,748.


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