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Mint Statistics: Silver proof set makes its 2018 debut

The 2018 silver proof set goes on the page this week with an initial sales number of 161,518. Clad proof sets added 8,236 to bring the running total to 214,606.

What caught my eye this week were sales numbers for some 2017 basic collector sets. The clad proof set for that year saw sales rise by 2,340. The silver proof set rose by 2,258. The uncirculated coin set, also known as a mint set, rose by 2,293. Very similar increases, which seems a bit strange. Did approximately 2,000 collectors suddenly wake up at the same time and realize they missed ordering these last year? We will never know.

The 2018 proof silver Eagle moved ahead by 3,983 to reach 265,607. The World War I coin and medal sets all moved backwards yet again, though the declines were all very small.

Speaking of small numbers, look at the results for April bullion Eagles. Gold buyers were especially stingy.


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