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Mint Statistics: Silver Eagles want to fall asleep again

For the second week in a row, sales of silver American Eagle bullion coins have slowed down. Buyers grabbed just 200,000 pieces, compared to 260,000 the week before. The September sales surge is well and truly over. So far in October, 1,130,000 silver Eagles have been sold. Nearly half the month remains, so there is time to make up lost ground.

Just 5,000 one-ounce gold American Eagle bullion coins were purchased by the Authorized Purchasers. The other three sizes did not budge.

2018 proof set and uncirculated coin set numbers are far behind those of 2017. But interestingly, the proof sets lag just a bit more than the uncirculated sets on a percentage basis. 2018 proof sets are at 67 percent of the 2017 total, while the 2018 uncirculated set is at 69 percent of the 2017 sales number.


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