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Mint Statistics: Silver Eagles fly higher than gold

January bullion sales at the halfway mark show silver at 54 percent of the January 2017 results and the gold one-ounce Eagle at 34 percent. Obviously silver Eagles are outpacing the gold, but it is still nothing to write home about. With just 250,000 silver Eagles added since last week, it is easy to envision a month where results fall short of even 3.5 million pieces. Has the luster truly diminished for this coin even in the first month of the year?

Many items went off sale at the end of 2017. However, accounting adjustments continue to be made. There is a suspiciously large number of items whose totals dropped by one.

The strangest of all, though, are the big declines in the uncirculated Nixon and Ford First Spouse gold pieces. Nixon fell 165 to 1,845 and Ford declined by 166 to 1,836. Did a big buyer lose his nerve? The mintages are very low but perhaps not low enough to guarantee a profit.


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