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Mint Statistics: Silver Eagles beat January 2018 already

Sales of 2019-dated silver American Eagle bullion coin moved ahead by 695,000 this week. At the midpoint in the month, the running total stands at 3,366,000 coins. This already exceeds the 3,235,000 total achieved by the entire month of January in 2018.

With two weeks to go, how high can the total go? Four million? Five Million? The higher the better for those looking for a signal of how strong the year might be for silver. Gold Eagles are just a tad behind the 2018 totals.

2019-W proof silver Eagles saw 208,670 sold in the first three days. This total exceeds the 2018-S proof version already but is 133,073 behind the 2018-W proof. Is there something wrong with the 2018-S proof that keeps its total at 158,791 – almost 50,000 behind the opening sales figure for the 2019-W? You tell me.

Sales of proof American Innovation dollars inched ahead by 5,996 to reach 123,968.


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