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Mint Statistics: Silver bullion Eagles put in big number

Silver American Eagle bullion coins are hot. In just one week, the Mint has sold 1,010,000 more of them to its Authorized Purchasers. The running tally for the year is now 12,680,000. Check all the bullion coin totals on the chart below, which also has the complete September sales numbers. Silver Eagles completed the best sales month since January. The gold figures were humdrum.

Buyers of clad proof sets might be thinking about Christmas gifts already. Another 10,332 were sold this week. The 2018 set total stands at 365,577. Silver proof sets were up by 6,837 to 238,159. Uncirculated Coin Sets added 4,424 to 190,546.

If it isn’t the upcoming holidays, perhaps it is just back to basics.

Proof 2018-W silver Eagle sales were 1,456 and 2018-S were 2,302. Totals are 312,549 and 130,312, respectively. Cumberland 5-ounce coins lost 622 to 13,662.


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