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Mint Statistics: Sales of 2019 Proof Sets Tapering Off

After three strong weeks of sales, the Mint’s annual proof sets have begun to slow down just a bit.The silver proof set came out strong and showed week over week increases of 16,856 and 21,730 the first two weeks and this week has grown by another 7,866. The clad version added another 4,065, not such a dramatic drop from the 5,520 increase seen the prior week.

Collectors picked up another 955 of the Apollo 11 .999 silver dollars this past week. There were some other moderate increases in the rest of the Apollo 11 coins as well. Could this be tied to the Neil Armstrong Collection auction conducted by Heritage generating more press and interest in that memorable mission?Quite possibly.

New this week are the first sales reported at 5,790 for the James Madison Silver Presidential Medal. With each release, we’re seeing fewer sales reported, with Washington leading the series at 20,353.The Mint has been marketing the enrollment program for this series as of late, which may explain the increases of approximately 250-300 on the previous releases. Perhaps new collectors to the series have enrolled and are catching up on the missed issues.


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