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Mint Statistics: Reverse proof numbers shy of sellout

Still interested in reverse proof sets? After all, a week is a long time in the Internet Age. Since the last column, the Mint has sold 39,281 of the San Francisco Silver Reverse Proof Set. This brings the total to 145,389. Maximum is 200,000. That leaves 54,611 to go for a sellout.

Another coin that has some hopes of sellout attached to it is the 2018-W uncirculated gold American Eagle. Sales rose by 1,710 to reach 6,554. Maximum is 10,000. That leaves 3,446. Issue price is $1,540, so for $5,306,840 they can all be yours.

Proof sets are chugging along. The standard clad set saw an increase of 8,142. The running total now stands at 293,553. For the silver proof set, the increase was 6,634 to 206,966.

There was little added to the proof 2018-W silver Eagle total. Will that change when the 2018-S proof arrives in two weeks? PCGS has a new label for the first day of release at ANA.


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