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Mint Statistics: Pride of Two Nations Charges Ahead

Released on July 3, the Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set has come and gone. The product limit was listed at 100,000 and this week’s sales report from the Mint shows 95,308 sold. Checking the product page today, the product has been listed as currently unavailable. At $139.95, that’s a pretty big chunk of change for just a few days in the shop.

Bullion on the other hand, is not charging ahead. Last year the gold Eagles took off the first week of the month with 6,500 one-ounce coins taken by the Authorized Purchaser network, however this year no sales have been reported for the first week of July for the one-ounce coin. Half, quarter and tenth ounce, however are all reporting more sales than was reported for the full month of June.

No “giant leaps” for the Apollo 11 coin offerings. Collectors bought 1,763 proof silver dollars this week and 268 of the uncirculated silver dollar. The clad half dollar proofs increased by just 190, while the uncirculated clad half dollar sold 321.

Other items of note include the 2019-W proof silver Eagle recording total sales of 288,107, 2019 clad proof set climbing to 363,043 and 2019 silver proof set adding another 3,098 and reaching 271,198 overall.

The rest of the Mint’s offerings show little movement at all, so really not much to spend any time perusing.

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