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Mint Statistics: Old favorites stay on top this week

Proof set sales keep perking right along as the last of the Christmas shopping is done. The clad set rose by 17,210. The silver set is up by 9,224. These numbers probably don’t surprise anyone. But is there a last-minute surge in buying the World War I silver dollars? Looking at the totals below, and you might feel the urge to laugh, but consider this. Sales of the proof WWI dollar rose by 1,220. Sales of the proof Breast Cancer silver dollar rose by just 469. I think comparison shows that there is some last-minute interest in the WWI dollar even if it is not particularly large.

Proof silver Eagles bumped higher. Surprisingly, the “W” version rose by more than double the “S” version, 4,421 and 1,863, respectively. It seems strange that the San Francisco coin has not caught up with the West Point more than it has. It is sitting at half the sales level. Does this mean there are too many kinds of proof Eagles?


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