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Mint Statistics: Not Much Movement on Gold or Silver Bullion Sales

Gold bullion remained the same as last week, with total ounces at 4,000 and total units 8,500.With the price of gold eclipsing $1,400, it will be interesting to see how long these numbers go unchanged.Silver, on the other hand, added 305,000 and will end June at 855,000.

So how does this stack up to 2018?Last year, the Mint reported sales of just 435,000 for silver, so nearly a 100 percent increase this year, while gold finished 2018 with 19,500 ounces sold, compared to just 4,000 ounces in 2019.Of course the rising price of gold has collectors closing their wallets.

The 2019 sets continue to gain at a steady pace, with the uncirculated set at 221,128.The clad proof set is up to 352,392 and the silver proof set grew to 263,486.

Other gains this week include an additional 592 of the San Francisco War in the Pacific 100-coin bag, 485 ore of the American Innovation $1 (S) proof set, 367 of the Explore and Discover set aimed at kids, and 1,875 of the Apollo 11 .999 clad silver dollar proof.As we draw closer to the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing on July 20, it will be interesting to see if the sales totals leap closer to the maximum mintages.

New this week is the War in the Pacific Park 3-coin set, which logged first week sales of 11,264.The set was released on June 18.