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Mint Statistics: May bullion Eagles show a spark of life

Silver American Eagle bullion coins stand just short of 10 million coins sold in 2017. This week’s sales number of 450,00 put the May monthly total at 980,000. This already beats the April monthly total and two-thirds of the month is yet to come.

Gold American Eagle bullion coin sales remain sluggish. At 4,000 ounces, the May monthly running tally is still behind the full April figure of 6,000. May gold sales are near enough to the April number that it should be fairly easy to exceed it by the time the last day of May rolls around.

While some spark of life might be returning to bullion Eagles, it is difficult to detect it in collector coins.

The proof 2017-W silver Eagle just passed the quarter million mark, at 250,850. But the increase of 3,223 means it will take nearly two more years to equal the 2016-W number, which presently is 556,067.

The 2017-W gold $100 is at 19,304.


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