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Mint Statistics: Lowell National Park starts out strong

The Lowell National Park 2019 uncirculated five-ounce silver coin, part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® program, is off to a strong start. This week, the Mint is reporting sales of 12,734 of the total 20,000 being minted. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the coming weeks and leads to an early sellout. We’ve also added the 2019 Lowell National Park quarter to the Bags and Roll Sales section this week.

Last week, we reported that the 2019-W proof silver Eagle gained 6,000 since the week prior. However, this week the Mint is reporting a decrease in sales of 7,000. How can that be? We have a call in to the Mint to inquire. Do you have any theories?

As predicted last week, the Apollo 11 half dollar proof set is nearing sellout. The Mint is reporting sales of 94,119 this week, a nearly 10,000 increase over last week, with just shy of 6,000 to go to reach the maximum mintage.


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