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Mint Statistics: Looks like just half of medals sold

If I am reading the latest sales figures correctly, the five two-piece World War I Centennial and service medal sets are not sold out. The numbers in the box below add up to 47,061. The Mint says “Product Limit: 100,000 across all 5 coin and medal set products.” That would seem to indicate that there are nearly 53,000 more to sell. So why does the Mint website say all five options are backordered? I have had a few emails from discouraged collectors thinking they are sold out. Backorder could just mean a longer wait time for delivery.

The proof dollar by itself saw sales of 24,989; the uncirculated, 10,013.

This column is written on the day the Treasury secretary said that he had no problem with a falling dollar. Gold and silver jumped on the news, but the Eagle bullion sales numbers below record sales that occurred before the comments. Come back next week and see if Eagle sales get lively.


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