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Mint Statistics: Look closely at Innovation $1 sales

What sort of yardstick should we use to measure the success of the new American Innovation $1 coin? If we look at sales of 100-coin bags, the new dollar has begun with a bang. The combined Philadelphia-Denver total nearly equals the 2018 Native American dollar 100-coin bag total.

This near equality was achieved in just a few days. But before we dream of high demand and rapid sales, if you look at the 25-coin roll sales, the comparison goes very much against the Innovation dollar, 8,965 to 29,988 for the Native American dollar. Let’s see how things shake out in the coming weeks.

The American Innovation $1 proof set, which is just one S-mint coin, has a sales total of 73,398. That’s not a bad start, but it also doesn’t set collector hearts aflutter.

The Mint has chosen not to sell the 250-coin boxes of the new dollar coin. That could set us up for surprise rarity for the design a year or two from now.


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