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Mint Statistics: Let’s look at bullion and proof sets

Bullion coins have made a slow start in October. Gold Buffaloes put 1,000 pieces on the board. On the bright side, this number is two-thirds of the 1,500 sold in all of September. Perhaps I should write that Buffaloes are going gangbusters. Nah.

One-ounce gold Eagles started October with the same number of sales, 1,500. But even multiplying this figure by four won’t equal the 8,000 sold in September.

Silver Eagles put 150,000 up. In all of September, 320,000 sold, so October might be able to beat it.

Collectors of the classics mean that clad proof sets, silver proof sets and uncirculated coin sets are the most interesting this week. Clad proofs advanced by 6,753. The silver proof set rose by 6,597. The unc. set increased by 3,195. These numbers are not large, but so little is moving that these rise to the top of the list of highlights.


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